Commercial Driver License Requirements in North Carolina

In order to become a professional truck driver and get hired for CDL A Company Truck Driver Positions, you need to cover all of the requirements of the state of North Carolina. No matter what kind of a driving class you decide to attend you must take a written questionnaire (Class A permit ) and a CDL driving skills on-site test.

You have the responsibility to provide the following documents to prove you are suitable for a CDL driving license.

  • Confirm your identity and age
  • Provide a valid social security number
  • Declare your residents address and prove that it’s you permanents place
  • Proof and provide of your Liability Insurance

CDL Requirements in North Carolina

For getting your CDL permit you must have a clear driving license. Also, make sure it is not suspended, disqualified or revoke. You need to have only one driving license at the current moment.

As a future truck driver you need to be in a good health condition. There are curtain medical requirements as well such as:

  • Most of the commercial drivers need to possess a medical card. The CDL driver applicants must bring their own at the time of attendance.
  • If there is any hesitation about the drivers’ physical condition, the North Carolina DMV or your truck driver mentor may require a full medical report at any time. This includes before or after the certification.

As we already mentioned in our “How to obtain a CDL driving license” page, every applicant must get a leaner permit. There are a few additional requirements here:

  • The CDL driver candidate must be at least 18 years old ( for some CDL licenses the minimum age is 21)
  • You must have a valid Class A, B or C driver permit
  • Have a licensed CDL instructor who will accompany you at the front seat

Detailed up-to-date information regarding the “requirements” for a NC Commercial Driver License can be found on The official North Carolina DMV website

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